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May 3, 2008

We just returned from a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas and found Freeport folks to be very friendly. Nassau was great also. If you want information about the Carnival Sensation...........Food Great, Service Great...machines well 2 of 3 is okay.

To our new friends from Chicago who believe Obama will win...call us in November.

To Terry, Brenda, Ted and Lynn you folks from Spartinburg N.C. made our dinning fun. As for Pam and Richard from Lady Lake Florida don't forget to visit Daytona Beach as you promised.

The coalregion.com folks are less bitter than they were just prior to the primary election.



March 8, 2008

Hopefully you are a visitor from coalregion.com. Some of the folks at coalregion.com love to spell my name trouble is they are not very bright.If you are from Kulpmont, Ranshaw or even Shamokin I look forward to you posting at the new blog that will be to discuss real issues in the coal region not just food advertisements and the latest drug bust in Girardville.

Today is Sunday March 9, 2008 11:00 AM a review of the coalregion.com website found a new posting from a person in Shenandoah upset with the fact that I encouraged folks visiting coalregion.com to post long and interesting stories about whatever they wanted to discuss and I advised them to expect negative feet back from others no matter what they write about. Still waiting for the good people of Minersville and Pottsville to post at coalregion.com because the website is currently controlled by a few people that present the wrong side of the Coal Region

Sunday March 9, 2008 another ant bite from coalregion.com, this has been an excellent regional social stress test.

Sunday March 9, 2008 we are keeping in the ball game, two new fire ants posted something about me being old and how much I love being in Florida.

Friday March 14, 2008 understand there is parade in Pottsville something to do with green stuff. It is raining here in Port Orange, Florida and I saw premium gasoline posted for $4.01 for the first time. Regular gasoline is now $3.31 lowest. More people are cooking and eating at home. There is less than a year until ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS etc. will go black. We will never purchase cable or Direct TV. A month or so the DirectTV had a blimp at the New Smyrna Beach Airport but I don't believe locals cared. I previously projected that google will go to 400 (but it went up to 740 then it returned to 420)...now my projection will be reviewed by others becaise Google will be at 350 by June 1, 2008. Yahoo is hanging in there but if Microsoft will makes one more effort to purchase...expect Yahoo to go up $10.00 a share by June 1, 2008. Disney is planning another park in central Florida ...so expect Disney to hit 34.00 share by August 21, 2008. (it will go down to 33 but by end of year 2008 will be at least $35.00 share. Expect Ford F to go to $5.00 a share it is about $5.50...it will return to $10.00 share by December 2009. The tax refund will help the economy but as soon as John MaCain picks his running mate expect the stock market to move ahead past 12,800 if he picks Bloomberg. There is a possibility that Hillary will get the nomination and have to pick Gore as Vice President/ John Edwards may help Hillary win. Pennsylvania will vote 65% for Hillary in a few week and this will be the beginning of the end to Obama. Don't be shocked if Oprah decides to stop backing Obama because of the Ministergate. The Governor of Florida will soon announce his support for drilling for Oil off the east cost of Florida. Having a meeting with Michael W. St. Jean this Sunday and his plan to run again for Governor. The insurance mess in Florida could make Charlie a one term Governor. The cash poor governments of Florida will cause the Florida economy to melt down for the next two years but the high gasoline prices could cause more snow birds during 2008 causing the empty homes to be rented again. Republicans will likely lose the Florida gubernatorial race in 2010. The Nelson Democrats are not going to vote in November so Republicans will have a very easy time winning Florida for McCain/Bloomberg. If Hillary picks Gore she will be President, if she picks Obama they will lose all but 10 States.

March 17, 2008 8:40 PM

The economy is in much worst condition that George W. believed possible under a Great Republican...if he could only get the gasoline under $3.00 a gallon for the next 6 months the Republicans may have a chance.

Obama appeared defeated tonight on PBS his energy level was very low but what he said appeared to be excellent answers to Glean E. easy questions. It will be difficult to see Mr. Obama on his first tour of Africa if he starts to dance I will be wishing George W. would return.

The folks at coalregion.com are getting bible lessons and it appears to be working. I await the posting of LesM and Mike T I am certain I will be cut up in little piece. Surprise me with something unique...Richard's Pottsville Pizza.

The price of oil will start to drop after July 15, 2008. There is a really possibility that unless Hillary Clinton is nominated we could be looking at John McCain putting the Country into a Depression.


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