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Thanks Jeb Test

  You really should consider all the candidates; but then it's your vote.

     If you are the first person to endorse me (Richard Paul Dembinsky for Governor) you will be given that ugly tie! If you live in Tampa my friend Art Finch will laugh with you as you decide how to destroy it. Should you live in Jacksonville or Orange Park I will tell you about the time the Buckman Bridge was closed by one person demanding that it be restriped to make a disabled vehicle lane; then Harry Vann will advise you how to sell the tie on ebay or use it as a warning flag on your load of lumber. Should you be from Orlando near North Bay you could use the ugly tie to get Rick Johnson to give you a ride to the Great Show at Cirque Du Soleil at downtown Disney; you could give the tie to the Big Shoe Clown and get a free bag of popcorn; Should you be from Marco Island you could find Elliott Kurbec then give him the tie and ask Elliott to take you to the Great Restaurant Konrads or to the unique movie theater. Should by some miracle you are from Miami you could find my old college roommate Lenny Foncenico. (An American from Cuba who could fly you to Daytona Beach for the Daytona 500) so long as you attach the ugly tie loose to the left wing. By some lucky pass you are a Florida Gator living in Washington DC you will be given a ride to the Who Cares Hall of Fame near the under pass next to the Democratic Headquarters then be driven to Murphy's Pub in Old Towne where you could use the ugly tie as I did to impress the locals.(Maybe that is why I have not been invited back for the great food and liquids.)

See you are enjoying another Florida Election....even without hanging chads!

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Richard Paul Dembinsky, No Party Affiliation for Governor
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